Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions below, just click!

  • 1)  How are your tours different from those offered on the cruise ship?

    Michelle in the Misty Fjords flightseeing
  • 2)  How will we get to your facility from the cruise ship dock?

    Island Wings is located in Ketchikan Alaska right next to the cruise ship docks.
  • 3)  How do we find you on the cruise ship dock?

    Island Wings vans will transport you from the cruise ship docks to our floatplane dock and then back after flightseeing
  • 4)  How many people will your plane hold?

    Island Wings flightseeing clients on a Misty Fiords tours
  • 5)  What is required to make a reservation?

    Island Wings sea plane in the Misty Fiords
  • 6)  What should we bring and wear for the tour?

    Island Wings flightseeing clients on a Misty Fiords tours
  • 7)  What is your cancellation policy?

    Flightseeing from the floatplane above Manzoni Lake in the Misty Fiords in spring time
  • 8)  A word about the weather!

    Island Wings flightseeing clients on a Misty Fiords tours

    My husband and I were to take this tour with our friend Mary Louise C.  The weather was horrible, but other flights went.  I was so impressed that you said we could go, but that we would not see anything and would not enjoy it.  Thank you for your genuine concern.  We will definitely keep you in mind if we return and will send friends your way. I really hate that we did not get to take the trip, but would have been very hesitant considering the weather.


    Peggy M.

  • 9)  What is your safety record?

    Island Wings' aircraft "Lady Esther" flightseeing in Ketchikan
  • 10)  What if you are a nervous flier?

    Dear Michelle and Friends…

    I sent my deposit to you and signed it “chicken” Edith.  Well I certainly was afraid – until you took off.  I am not a kid but I was so happy I felt like I was in Never-Never Land.  If I had a choice to “come back” after death it would be as bird.  Flying with you gave me a most calm and peaceful feeling and I was very, very happy.  I think of you often …I so much enjoyed flying – To me it was as if time stood still. ….I will not see you again but you will be in my heart as wonderful…


    Formerly “Chicken” Edith – Now Edith

    Michelle's first solo flight 1977

    Michelle on her first solo flight in 1977
  • 11)  What if you are prone to motion sickness

  • 12)  Photo tips!

    Michelle is happy to operate any camera you might bring.  What's important is that you're in the picture.

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